#1 | Stay curious

… I want to tell you something. You are a very special living, breathing, bleeding, feeling, conscious being. You were born into this world to imagine, create, and explore. You have this innate childlike curiosity to learn and understand everything around you. To wander through your surroundings and revel in the beauty of seeing things for the first time.    – Infinite Satori

Don’t we all smile when we look back to our early years when our eyes and tiny feet and hands were enough to keep us busy playing all day every day? Back then, playing was actually learning. By playing we learnt social skills, motor, verbal skills, we learnt about nature, manmade systems, and so much more.

After years of formal education, where learning has truthfully and sadly become more of a burden and not play, it is easy to forget how to be genuinely curious.

After years of automated 9 to 5 routine that rewards us with financial security, genuine curiosity just does not pay the bills, pay the rent, bring food to the table, after all.

Curiosity is a powerful driving force.

Although it’s what drives inventors to invent, and creators to create, for the majority of us, the common people, curiosity drives us to smoothly adapt to the ever-changing world that comes with its challenges. Challenges were fun when we were kids, but now they’re not as fun anymore. And yes, the stakes get higher, of course, but from what I see, curiosity is linked with a positive attitude and mind.

Take your time to reignite curiosity:

  • Try sitting at your favourite coffee shop andobserve the people around you and passerby
    • observe the barista making your coffee and serving customers
    • observe the happy couple’s cutesy behaviour
    • observe how kids play and interact
    • observe the old couple’s behaviour
    • observe the meetings that are going on
    • close your eyes, observe the relaxing sounds and heartwarming scents that surround you
  • Try a different route to work
    • observe the local shops you’ve never visited
    • look out for changes that have occurred since you last visited these places
  • Remember those childhood dreams you had about what you want to do when you’re grown up?
    • Go on an off-road adventure on the weekend
    • Sleep under the starry sky
    • Help feeding homeless people
    • Stay in touch with a best friend in kindergarten
    • Take your parents to a place you always wanted to visit but never could

For me, living curiosity is embracing the fact that there’s an infinite number of positive things to learn and experience in the world, and to follow that little voice inside to explore the unknown. It rewarding beyond monetary and material measure.


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